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45 HRS

Now the question arises why one should go for this course. The answer is that this course will provide certain benefits such as it helps to define the roles, it eases team restructuring, it shortens the learning curve and much more. AGILE and DevOps as a combination are perfect on its own and according to resources, it refers to the various approaches towards the software development. It strongly emphasizes incremental delivery, continual planning, team collaboration and much more. As a combination, AGILE and DevOps will help in the process of reducing the errors and it will look over of how to deliver the project in an efficient manner. This course will lead to a better understanding of the student about certain topics such as scrum framework, kanban methodology, mindset and overview of AGILE, AGILE Metrics, Traditional vs AGILE, Chartering, Backlog Grooming, pair programming, automation, test-driven development, cross-functional teams and much more.


1) Overview of Agile
2) Mindset and scrum framework
3) kanban methodology
4) Devops and Agile Metrics
5) Traditional VS Agile and Agile Teams
6) Agile Organizations
7) Planning with in Agile Scrum
8) Chartering, Backlog Grooming and Estimation Techniques
9) Scrum roles and ceremony
10) Pair programming and Test driven Development
11) Automation and Refactoring
12) Cross Functional Teams and T-Shaped Individuals etc..