Industrial IOT

Industrial IOT

₹ 8000


60 HRS

This particular course is provided by I&WE as well as KERNELSPHERE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. The phases, in this case, refers to the three industrial phases which will help the student to get acquainted with the industrial prospectus of IOT. As mentioned, there are three different phases, in the beginner phase, the student is expected to recapitulate the previous knowledge and in the Intermediate phase, the student will be dealing with sensors and devices, collaboration with Big Data, real-time projects via the ARM, Intel and much more. The Pro phase will deal with IOT and Cyber- security through Samsung, Intel or much more. This course is entirely based on the agenda of project-based learning. The students will be able to learn the practical industrial aspects as they get to work on the live verticals of IOT. The way in which the course is designed, it can be stated that the hours of physical, as well as digital training, are highly optimized.


Module 1: Introduction
a. Background and Development
b. Basic Concept
c. Understand IoT Market Perspective
d. Job Opportunities

Module 2: IoT Layout
a. Technical Definition
b. Hardware Layer
c. Network Layer
d. Cloud Management Layer
e. Application Layer

IoT Hardware Layer
a. Sensors & Actuators
i. Understanding behavior of different types of Sensors
ii. Working of Actuators
b. Microcontrollers
i. Basic features of Microcontrollers with Examples
ii. Arduino Introduction
iii. Arduino Interfacing with Sensors
iv. Learning programming concepts with Arduino IDE.
v. Raspberry Pi Introduction
c. IoT Gateways
i. Introduction to IoT Gateways with examples
ii. ESP8266 Wifi module
iii. ESP8266 Wifi module AT commands
iv. Raspberry Pi
v. LoRa

IoT Network and Security
IV. IoT Network Layer
a. IoT Networks

i. Short Range Networks
a. BLE
b. 432 MHZ wireless module
c. Zigbee
ii. Medium Range Networks
a. Zigbee Pro
b. Z-Wave
iii. Long Range Networks
a. LoRa WAN
b. NB �IoT
c. Sigfox
d. Communications Protocols
ii. UDP
iii. HTTPS
iv. MQTT
v. CoAP
vi. XMPS
V. IoT Cloud Layer
a. Cloud Computing
b. Cloud Storage
c. Exploration of IoT Cloud platforms

VI. Security Concerns and Challenges in IoT IoT Applications
VII. IoT Applications
a. Health care
b. Smart City
c. Home Automation
d. Agriculture
e. IoT Wearable Devices
f. Security and Surveillance
g. Smart Retail

a. Tracking of labours in construction site.
b. Asset Tracking System for locating Capital Materials.
c. Building Information Modelling.
d. For Monitoring Bridges & designing smart railway tracks. Hands on Sessions

a. Learning fundamentals and programming on Arduino IDE
b. Interfacing Sensors and Peripherals with Arduino
c. Working With ESP8266 Wi-Fi module
d. Hands on IoT Cloud Platforms
e. Developing IoT Prototypes
f. IoT real time Projects:-
1- Smart Bridge Monitoring System
2- Arduino Indoor Garden
3- IoT based Home Security Model

VIII. IoT: Future and Expectations.
IX. Appendix
Appendix A: Hands on Applications with IoT starter Kit
Appendix B: Use Cases based on KernelSphere�s Smart City Project