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60 HRS

A coder is incomplete without the essence of Java, a programming language whose design was aimed at flexibility as well as to provide aid to the Web applications. In the domain of Object Oriented Programming, Java has solidified its base due to its smooth debugging system, the platform- independent protocols, and various other attractive features. According to resources, the recent version of Java is termed as Java 8, this brand new version implements the desired Lambda expression and Virtual Extension Methods. Anyone can become proficient in Java and this acts as a pathway to other attributes such as Big Data Technologies, J2ME apps etc. For example, one cannot put his or her steps ahead towards learning Android SDK without the prerequisite knowledge of Java. In a nutshell, having a refined knowledge of Java makes the upcoming challenges much easier as it is considered to be the primary prerequisite for many higher-level applications. Prerequisite-Basics of any Programming language.


Instructor-led Sessions:
1. 60 Hours of Classes with theory and practical in each class. Each session is two hrs. It is very interactive class with open Real-life Case Studies:
2. Real life examples used as use cases to explain and implement the features of Java. Real life example

1. Each class has assignments which shall be finished before the next class and helps you to apply the concepts taught during the class.

Practice Sets:
1. You will get chapter wise practice sets.

1. We can solve your technical queries pertaining to this course even after end of the course through off-line 2. doubt clearing session or technical medium.

1. CAAS certifies you as a Java Developer based on the test results conducted.

1. We have a community forum for all our learners that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing.