1. Digital Platform of prerequisite brush up and learning
2. Artificially Intelligent Platform for customized learning
3. Multi Content format support during pre-requisite learning
4. 10 x hours of digital support
5. CMS based Login Credentials
6. Phase based readiness plans
7. Projects and Simulations for practice
8. Dedicated Practice sessions
9. Per section Assessment
10. Phase Based definition of Physical Learning Hours
9. Division of Learning into 3 phases
10. Direct Industry Alignment of each level
11. Spaced out physical Interactions
12. 20-50-30-hour breakup for various batches
13. Easily modularity (with some add ons) for early years of Engineering
14. Multiple Assessment cycles within the physical simulation sessions
15. Project based learning
16. On successful completion of the phases, a chance to work on live verticals of BIM.
17. For pre-final and final year students, a chance to earn an internship with leading BIM players of the world

18. Certification of merit from renowned Industrial Bodies (like Future Group, Ambuja
Real Estate, Brigade Group, Development Authorities, Metro Corporation projects