Cluster 1----> Introduction to Internet of Things
 Define "Internet of things"
 Embedded Systems
 IoT Architecture Layers
 Wireless Communication
 Arduino Programming
 IoT Using Arduino
 Development Boards and Sensors
 Application over NodeMCU Boards (Standalone)
 Application For Local Network Based Home Automation
 IoT Protocol (MQTT)
 Node Red and MQTT
 Cloud Service Integration Using Node MCU
Cluster 2----> Internet of Things via Single Board Computer (Raspberry Pi)
 Cloud Based Data resourcing using Raspberry Pi and Paho / phase 3
 Smart Home Automation System using Raspberry pi and Paho / Phase 2
 Intro and setup of Raspberry Pi / Phase 1
Cluster 3----> Amazon Web Services for IoT
 Tools, Software and Devices for the AWS IoT Cloud
 Setting up Free tier AWS and testing AWS IoT with MQTT
 AWS IoT Stack
 IoT Core Hands on
 AWS Stack Overview
 SNS Push Notifications
 Use Cases