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What is PEGA: • Pega as a product company having – – Pega 7 platform – Strategic Apps – CRM • Pega 7 platform – Leader in BPM & Case Management – Leader in Digital Process Automation – Leader in Customer Relationship Management – Equipped with Real time Decision, AI & DevOPS Advantages of PEGA – – Unified Platform – Business and IT collaboration – Requirement Gathering, Elaborating and using Agile Methodology – Agile Workbench to interact with tools like Jira and others – Versioning Inbuilt – Multi-channel interfaces – Omni Channel User Experience – Agile, Flexible, and extensible – Fortune 500 organization use this product Benefits to Students: • 1000’s of students were trained in PEGA 7 platform last year in various colleges • Organization hired 600+ eligible Pega Certified students by paying premium salary • Students with Pega Skill will have a better edge over other students Benefits to Stakeholders Students Colleges/Universities • A Better Way to Build career • Provides personal satisfaction and a valuable career path • Feels valuable and industry ready • Highly competitive compensation • Increases the competency levels in Campus • Promotes ongoing achievement of knowledge and skills • Increase their market value • Make a best place to get placements Pxyrosys Offers: • Orientation session by Real time faculty • Life time access to the videos for technical support • Affordable course fee as per the market standard • 24x7 virtual Guidance • Training by industry experts • Live Projects after completion of the course • Resume Preparation for better response • Mock Interview Preparation • Placement Support to certified candidate • Get ready for premium Remuneration


Introduction to Pega 7 Platform
Business Process Management (BPM)
Dynamic Case Management (DCM)
Digital Process Automation (DPA)
Comparison between BPM, DCM and DPA
Digital Transformation and its implementation
Pega 7 platform
Situation Layer Cake
Pega 7 Express in 7.2.x/7.3.x and create a prototype of an application
Design and Create a New Case Life cycle
Modify case design
Enforce Routing
Add Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Create and Modify user views
New Feature of Pega express
Enforce Validation
Execution and Modification on the fly
A reference – What happens at the background?
Direct Capture of Objectives
Requirement management
Specification management
Introduction to Agile Studio
Pega Designer Studio and enhance the Pega express application
Intro to Designer Studio
Explorer bar
Handle Exception in case life cycle
Handle Optional Business process and Optional Action
Send Acknowledgements using Correspondence
Guiding users through a business process
Flow shapes, it’s usage (How to create complex flows?), and rules making them functional
Advanced flows shapes along with examples
Designing the Application
Review the Pega Application
Create a new version of the application and understand the reason of doing it
Ruleset & Application
Relationship between
Operator, Access group, Application, Portal, Access Role, Ruleset, Rules
Ruleset category and list of Ruleset
Versioning of Rules
ECS – Implementation, Framework and Pega Layer
Link between Ruleset
Rule Resolution – 10 steps in detail
Parallel Development and Branching Ruleset implementation
Passing Parameters to Rules – Increase Reusability
Case design details
Managing Rules
Create a Data Model
Completing the Process Definition
Organization Record Creation
Cascading Approval
Prioritizing the user assignments
Delegating rules to business users
Parallel processing
Improve User Experience
Automate the Decisions
Single variable Circumstancing
Circumstancing Used in Rule Resolution example
Base Rule
Using Declarative Rules
All 6 declarative rules with examples
Using Activities
All methods using couple of examples
Genuine usage of Activities
Reading, Writing and modifying data to/from a database
Examples and implementation
REST, SOAP, and others
Expose an Application
Handle Integration errors
Integration settings
UI Enhancement
Customize Login and Logout Screen
Creating portals
Creating harness
Mobile ready application
Customize look and feel of an application
Usage of Skin to the core
Report Design
SOR for report
Different Types of report
Sub reports
Guardrails and Best Practices