Machine Learning with Python

Machine Learning with Python

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70 hours

Machine Learning with Python is an essential part of information mining and Business Intelligence (BI) and is critical to picking up the knowledge that drives business choices. Associations and endeavors investigate information from a huge number of sources utilizing Big Data administration arrangements and client encounter administration arrangements that use information examination to change information into significant experiences. It includes making inquiries about what happened, what is going on, and what will happen (prescient investigation). As Junk puts it, "investigation is by and large the information crunching, question-noting stage paving the way to the basic leadership stage in the general Business Intelligence process.


1 Overview of Python
History of Python
Use of Python
Concept of Python
Installing Python
2 Writing first program
3 Values and variables
Assigning values to variables
Multiple assignment
Data types
4 Expressions and operators
Arithmetic Operators
Assignment Operators
Membership operators
Identity Operators
5 Conditional execution
if else
online if else
6 Iteration
While loop
for loop
nested loop
7 Functions
declaring functions
function with arguments
return keyword
global and local variables
8 List processing
Creating List
Updating List
Indexing List
Slicing Lists
Functions in Lists
9 Strings , dates, Arithmetic
Strings handling
String Functions
Date Handling
Date Functions
Arithmetic Handling
Arithmetic Functions
10 Exceptions Handling
Program with Exception
Assert Statement
Except Clause
try-finally clause
Raising a exception
11 Introduction to data analysis with python
12 File handling in Python
Machine Learning with Python
1 What is Machine Learning
2 Machine Learning Concepts
3 Types of Machine learning
4 Machine Learning Regression
5 Machine Learning Clustering
6 Scikit Learn with Python