Unit 1: Understanding Technology
Introduction to Embedded & Robotics.
What, Where, Why Embedded & Robotics?
Future & Scope in Embedded & Robotics.
Technical Introduction of Elements in Robotics
(Actuators, Motors, Controllers, Sensors, etc)

Unit 2: C Language
Introduction to C.
History of C.
What, Where, Why C?
Technical Description of C.
Detailed Theory of Compiler, Linker, Preprocessor, Locator, etc.
Internal Description of Compiler.
Unit 3: Basic Programming
Keywords in C.
Variables & Constants.
Data Types in C.
Operators in C.
Storage Classes in C.
Loops & Flow Controls.

Unit 4: Advanced Programming
Structure & Union.
Introduction of Embedded C.
Programming in Embedded C.

Unit 5: Microcontrollers
Introduction to Microprocessors & Microcontrollers.
Difference between Microprocessors & Microcontrollers.
Different Types of Microcontrollers.
Brief Theory of ARM, AVR, PIC & 8051.
Comparison of Microcontrollers.
Applications of Microcontrollers.

Unit 6:AVR Microcontroller
Introduction to AVR.
Why AVR is better?
History of AVR.
Family of AVR.
Architecture Description of AVR.
Description of AVR Development Board.
Memory Description of AVR.
Application of AVR.
Unit 7: IO Port Programming
IO Ports.
Registers in PORT Programming.
IO Devices.
Port Programming.
LEDs, Switches, Buzzer, Seven Segment Interfacing.
Matrix Keypad Interfacing.
Various Patterns of LEDs.
Various Activities on LEDs, Switches & Buzzer.

Unit 8: ADC Programming
Introduction to Analog & Digital Data.
Various Techniques of Analog to Digital Conversion.
Registers in ADC Programming.
Sensors Detailed Theory.
Various Sensors Interfacing.
IR Sensor Interfacing.
TSOP Interfacing.
Temperature Sensor Interfacing.
LDR Sensor Interfacing.
Joystick Interfacing.
Accelerometer Detailed Theory.
MMA 7361 IC Description.

Unit 9: Serial Communication
Data Communication.
Types of Communication.
Serial Vs Parallel.
Protocols in Communication.
SPI Communication.
USART Serial Communication.
Data Frames.
Baud Rate & Bit Rate.
Registers in USART Programming.
Transmission & Reception of Data.
Communication between Systems & Microcontrollers.
Message Passing between Devices.
Multi Board Communication.

Unit 10: LCD Interfacing
Display Devices.
Different Types of LCDs.
Introduction of Graphical & Alpha Numeric LCD.
16*2 Alphanumeric LCD Interfacing.
4 and 8 Bit mode in LCD.
Pins Description of LCD.
Data display in LCD.
Scrolling Messages.

Unit 11: Wireless Technology
Introduction to Wireless Technology.
Different Wireless Modules.
Bluetooth Module.
GSM Module.
DTMF Theory.
MT 8870 IC Description.
RF Module.
RFID Module.

Projects on Embedded Kits:
Project 1: Embed Home
Project 2: Keypad Operated Robot
Project 3:Remote Controlled Wireless Robot
Project 4:PC Controlled Robot
Project 5:Electronic Voting Machine
Project 6:Quiz-O-Meter Board
Project 7:Proximity Security Device
Project 8:Joystick Controlled Robotic Car
Project 9:Bluetooth Controlled Robotic Car
Project 10: Tilt Controlled Robot
Project 11: Two Wheel Balancing Robot
Project 12: RF ID Based Security Devices
Project 13: DTMF Based Mobile Phone Controlled Robot
Project 14:Password Based Locking System

Project 15: Automatic Home Appliances Control
Project 16:Automatic Car Head Light Control
Project 17:Automatic Toll Tax Payment
Project 18: RFID Based Attendance System.
Project 19: GSM Based Attendance System.
Project 20: SMS Based Automatic Home Automation.
Project 21: Multi Board Communication.
Project 22: Digital Clock.
Project 23: Digital Thermometer.
Project 24: Heat Controlled Home Automation.
Project 25: Bluetooth Controlled Home Automation.