1. Introduction to ASIC/VLSI Design and Automations
2 Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices and characteristics
3 Analog/ Mixed Signal Circuit Simulation using Spice Tools
4 Device Model Parameters and Model generation
5 Design and Simulation of Digital Circuits
6 Hierarchical Designs using Symbols and Library Generation
7 IC Logic Family
8 Introduction to HDLs and Verilog for Digital Design
9 Verilog Constructs for Design & Verification
10 Basics of FPGA Family
11 FPGA Based ASIC Design Flow
12 Bit File and Board level verification
13 Introduction to CMOS IC Design Flow
14 Circuit Simulation using T-Spice (Transient, DC, AC, Parametric)
15 Introduction to N Well CMOS Fabrication Process Steps
16 Layout Design, Parasitic Extraction and Post Layout Simulation, DRC and LVS Verification
17 GDSII for Tape-Out