Analog Design Engineer

Analog Design Engineer

₹ 12000


200 HRS

Analog design is more of an art, what sets analog design apart are the "trade-offs" you have to make at every stage in the design. You will understand nothing comes for free and you have to lose something to gain up on another within the given resources. Make this difficult course easy and steady and give a chance to Katallyst to upskill your knowledge of analog design. Analog design is part of integrated circuit design and focuses on signal fidelity, amplification and filtering. Analog design concerns itself with the real world electrical signals in the circuit design. Analogue design is extensively used in front end RF and Audio circuitry, single shapes of printed copper on a PCB board can act as resistor or a capacitor or an inductor at these RF frequencies and the construction of devices like filters and tank circuits is all in the realm of Analog Design


1.1 Revisit basics of Circuit theory , Devices, Two port networks
1.2 Control Theory
1.3 Analog Circuits and Systems
1.4 Constant current Source, Differential Amplifier, Op-Amp Theory
1.5 Systematic Design of an Opamp
1.6 Analog Circuit Simulation using Schematic Design Entry
1.7 Transient Analysis, Operating Point
1.8 AC, Noise, Stability, parametric analysis
1.9 Monte Carlo Technique
1.10 Behavioral and functional modelling of analog blocks using Verilog
1.11 Advanced Layout Techniques: Matching, Fingering, Guard Rings
1.12 DRC, ERC and LVS
1.13 SKILL based programming and automation
1.14 GDSII for Tape-Out