Lesson 1: Data warehousing overview
Lesson 2: Dimensional Modeling Overview
Lesson 3: Introduction to Business Intelligence
Lesson 4: Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition and Installation.
Lesson 5: Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses
Lesson 6: Administering the Presentation Catalog
Lesson 7: Limiting and Grouping Data in Analyses
Lesson 8: Working with Views and Graphs in Analyses
Lesson 9: Visualizing Data: Pivot Tables, Gauges, Maps, and Mobile
Lesson 10: KPI, Watchlist, Scorecard.
Lesson 11: Creating Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards
Lesson 12: Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards
Lesson 13: Creating Dashboard Prompts and Variables
Lesson 14: Using Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers
Lesson 15: Smartview
Lesson 16: Overview Repository,Building the Physical Layer of a Repository
Lesson 17: Building the Business Model and Mapping Layer of a Repository
Lesson 18: Building the Presentation Layer of a Repository
Lesson 19: Testing and Validating a Repository
Lesson 20: Managing Logical Table Sources
Lesson 21: Adding Calculations to a Fact
Lesson 22: Working with Logical Dimensions
Lesson 23: Using Aggregates
Lesson 24: Using Partitions and Fragments
Lesson 25: Using Repository Variables
Lesson 26: Security
Lesson 27: Cache Management
Lesson 28: Setting Up and Using the Multiuser Development Environment