1. Introducing Oracle Big Data Strategy
2. Using Oracle Big Data Lite Virtual Machine and
3. Movieplex Application
4. Introduction to the Big Data Ecosystem
5. Introduction to the Hadoop Distributed File System
6. Acquire Data using CLI, Fuse, Flume, and Kafka
7. Acquire and Access Data Using Oracle NoSQL Database
8. Introduction to MapReduce and YARN
9. Processing Frameworks
10. Resource Management Using Yarn
11. Overview of Apache Spark
12. Overview of Apache Hive
13. Overview of Cloudera Impala
14. Using Oracle XQuery for Hadoop
15. Overview of Solr
16. Integrating Your Big Data
17. Using Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS
19. Using Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle
20. GoldenGate for Big Data
21. Using Oracle Big Data SQL
22. Using Oracle Big Data Spatial and Graph
23. Using Oracle Advanced Analytics

Oracle Big Data Deployment Options