GD PI Surgery(GD, HR PI, TI )

GD PI Surgery(GD, HR PI, TI )

₹ 4000


55 HRS

Communication is not only about speaking. Listening to the information passed and then Speaking a point in a group discussion, without fear, is what the candidates will be taught to be deserving enough. Personifying one's thoughts into clarity, in a personal interview, to impress the industrialists with one's skills, will be gained as a precious quality to the learners. Communication is an essential attitude within the Corporate Borders. And communication at the right instant with specific points creates an edge for an individual over the unaware population. Group Discussion is indeed the wider road for the entry through the gate of the Personal Interview round for entering the Industry.


1 2.5 hours session on Group Discussion
2 2.5 hours session on Personal Interview
3 34 hours on Mock GD
4 16 hours of Mock HR PI