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Bulls Eye (Digital Marketing)

Course Overview

  1. Why This Course?

    Digital marketing can be simply represented in terms of its major focus to digitalize the advertisement pattern. In order to market a product, it is necessary to promote it in a proper manner which will grab the attention of the users. With infinite importance in this generation, Digital marketing uses a certain number of tactics such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), content marketing as well as automation, data-driven marketing. Putting up campaigns is an integral part of the entire process as the marketers have found this method an effective way to evoke responses. The importance of Digital marketing knows no bounds, this is because it has reduced the number of restrictions in the field of marketing to indulge in new marketing strategies. Anyone who is aspiring to build his or her career in this domain has numerous chances of making a cost-effective, response-measurable kind of media. The students should never miss the opportunity to learn and grow their budding careers in this field. Prerequisite: Basics of Marketing.
  2. What you will learn?

    1 Digital Marketing- 1.1Google Adverts 1.2 Facebook adverts 1.3 marketing funnels 1.4 common interview question
  3. Venue and Schedule

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