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Ethical Hacking - With Classroom

Course Overview

  1. Why This Course?

    The most desired information security training program in the industry, the accredited course provides the advanced hacking tools & techniques used by hackers & information security professionals alike to break into an organization. Pricing for Learning Subscriptions (e-manuals, video, Certification, Cloud Based Activity Lab, Classrooms) Note: - Registration closes on 20/01/19
  2. What you will learn?

    Inclusion of New Modules - IoT Hacking and Vulnerability Analysis •Focus on Emerging Attack Vectors - Cloud, AI, ML, etc. •Hacking Challenges at the End of Each Module •Coverage of the Latest Malware •Inclusion of complete Malware Analysis Process •Covers latest hacking tools ******************************************************* Over 140 labs that mimic real scenarios •Over 2,200 commonly used hacking tools to immerse you in the hacker world •Over 1,685 graphically rich, specially designed slides to help you grasp complex security concepts in depth
  3. Venue and Schedule

    Venue : NA
    Schedule : To be notified